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Refrigerated air dryer
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Product Description: DL-W Series Water-cooled Normal Temp.Refrigerated air dryer

Working Condition

–Inlet Temp:<45°C

–Ambient Temp:<40°C

–Pressure of Cooled Water:0.2-0.4MPa

–Water Inlet Temp:<32°C

Technical table of Water-cooled Normal Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryer

Parameter DL-200W DL-250W DL-300W
Handling capacity m3/min 23 27 34
Cold Water Inlet/Outlet Caliber ZG3/4" ZG1" ZG1"
Pressure 0.2-1.0MPa 0.2-1.0MPa 0.2-1.0MPa
Pressure Dew point Temp. 2°C~10°C 2°C~10°C 2°C~10°C
Refrigerant R22/R407C R22/R407C R22/R407C/td>
Power 50hz/60hz/380v
Air Inlet/Outlet Calibe DN80 DN80 DN80
Length(mm) 1550 1800 1850
Width(mm) 800 780 850
Height(mm) 1200 1200 1400
Weight(Kg) 460 550 650

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