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Semiautomatic Headlight Tester

Main Features and Specifications
QD-100D Semiautomatic Headlight Tester is a kind of instrument designed for measuring luminous intensity and deviation of optical axis of automotive headlights. By use of micro-motor to drive the light-receiving box up and down, it manually aims at the headlight being tested, and makes manual measurements. It can greatly reduce labour intensity of operators, and improve working efficiency, also make work much easier and measurement more accurate. It is equipped with analogue signal output for measured parameters, low beam distribution characteristics of headlight can be observed on projection screen.

Main Technical Specifications
Measuring Range
Luminous Intensity : 0 40,000 cd(100,000 cd)
Deviation of Optical Axis:
Up 1°30′ ~Down 2°30′
(up 20cm/10m~ down 40cm/10m)
Left 2°30′ Right 2°30′
(left 40cm/10m ~right 40cm/10m)
Measurement Accuracy
Luminous Intensity: ±12%
Optic Angle: ±12
Output Signal
Luminous Intensity: 0~+3V
Deviation of Optic Angle: 0~ +1.5V~ +3V
Power Supply: AC220V ±10% 50Hz ±1Hz
Weight : 60Kg
Dimension of The Rail Guide:
480mm(center distance) ×4,500mm(length)
Outer Dimension:
710mm(W) × 1,250mm(H) × 550mm(D)

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