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Technical Features & Functions

GTL-100 Vehicle Automatic Steering Angle Tester can test the max. steering angle of front wheels, camber of front wheels, inclination of kingpin, reverse caster and toe-in of front wheels;

Able to test the steering force and free rotation of steering wheel;

Able to adapt to the wheel distance of various vehicles automatically, with simple measurement process;

User-friendly, able to conduct data communication with other computer management systems.

Technical Parameters:

Max. Allowed Axle Weight 1000 kg
Test Ranges +/-50
Wheel Tread (Inner/Outer mm) 700/2700
King Pin Inclination Tolerance 0.2
Caster Tolerance 0.2
Camber Tolerance 0.2
Max. Turning Angle Tolerance 0.2
Front Toe-in Tolerance 0.5
Turningplate Moving Speed 15.5m/min.
Dimension 3800 x 880 x 420 (mm)

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