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Technical features:

GT555 Automatic tyre changer for mounting / demounting and inflation of Car & LCV tyres of wheel rim size 10″ – 24″ , and for clamping of aluminum alloy rim of 22″ size form outside , is designed for mounting / demounting and inflation of tyres of medium and small-scale automobile.

  • The plate is enlarged to 24″, suitable for mounting/demounting of heavier and wider tire.
  • Auxiliary arm system both at left and right side makes the mounting /demounting of wide flat tyre very swift and labor save.
  • The air powered tiltable pillar and two pneumatic cylinders for wheel clamping.
  • Automatic lifting on the column
  • Automatic lifting of the tyre lever , with air buffer
  • GT inflates the system to inflate fast for not there is not the inner rube of a tyre tiring in the twinkling of an eye fast.
  • Bead breaker designed into two shifts for easy operation.
  • The tyre remover which is made of high-quality wear-resisting alloy steel and of perfect and reliable structural design protects steel rim and tyre form any harm in operation.
  • The clamping claw which is made of high-quality alloy steel and of scientific structural design protects steel rim from any harm in operation
  • The decelerator of precision fabrication, with the worm gear pair made of high-quality special alloy, guarantees the machine wear-resisting and ultra quiet.
  • Accessories:two speed Turntable

Technical data:

Rim clamping from outside 10”-22” /265 -560mm
Rim clamping from inside 12”-24”/300-610mm
Max wheel diameter 45”/1150mm
Max wheel width 18”/450mm
Bead breaker cylinder force 2500kgf
Operating pressure 8-12 bar
Power supply 220v-1 ph/380V-3PH
Motor power 1.1kw
Max rotation torque of turntable 1100N.m
Net weight 220kg
Noise level <70 dB

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