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This is a clearfloor model lift.It features that the operators can work under vechiles without floor obstructions.Once vechile touch the padded bar which contacts an automatic cut-off switch,the motor will be turned off.It is able to be applied to cars,light trucks and vans with the low-profile lifting pads.Automatic arm restraints keep the pads in position.

Model GL-3.2
Lifting Capacity 3200KG
Overall width 3384MM
Width between inside Columns 2760MM
Height 3636MM
Lifting range 115-1700MM
Length of the long arm 860-1300MM
Length of the short arm 680-1020MM
Motor 1.8KW
Power 1.8kw
Ascending Time <75g
Descending Time 30-60s
N.W 760KG

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