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GK8000 Heat Recylcling spray booth
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Inside size 6900×4000×2650 mm(L×W×H)
Outside size 7040×5950×3420 mm(L×W×H)
Basement The height is 300mm, the complete strong galvanized steel structure basement, profile steel support, all grills (hot galvanizing pretreatment, more stronger), 3pcs big ramps, the size is 2000(L)X900(W)X300(H)mm.
Front door 1 set ,3000×2600mm(W×H),EPS panel, aluminium alloy frame
Working door 1 pcs,800×1800mm(W×H),with pressure lock
Wall panel side wall panel EPS 70mm thickness, δ=0.476mm color steel sheet cover,jacked, width is 1150mm
Ceiling panel Ceiling panel rock wool 50mm thickness, δ=0.476mm color steel sheet cover,
Ceiling Lighting (outside open) Ceiling light 2×5×4=40pcs 36W, light box open from outside, Philips tube
Side Lighting (outside open) Side light 8×2=16pcs 36W, vertical light, light box open from outside, Philips tube
Air cabin material Air cabin on the right (left, back for optional), up air intake, up air outlet, aluminium alloy frame, powder coating pretreatment.
Air fan 1 set air intake centrifugal fan, Simens motor outside, with belt, model:DDF-800, power:11KW,air volume:31000 m3/h, with inverter;
1 set air outlet tubo high pressure fan, Simens motor outside, direct drive, model:DDF-630B, power:7.5KW,air volume: 25000 m3/h, with inverter;
Air pipe Separate air inlet and exhaust pipe; with rain-proof hat and flop damper;
Heating system 1 set Riello RG5S diesel burner, stainless steel high efficiency heat exchanger, max heating is 260000Kcal/h; pneumatic actuator from spray to baking cycle;
Filter system Primary filter, high efficiency filter, fiber glass filter, exhaust filter, active carbon filter.
Electric control system Micro computer operation system, painting, rise-temperature spray, baking, baking time setting, lighting, pressure adjust balance, failure indication, over-temperature alarm indication, temperature limiter, floor wire, emergency stop switch, inverter etc
Voltage require 3×415V,50HZ
illumination ≥800LUX
Max work temperature 80℃
Idle air speed ≥0.3m/s
Total power 25KW

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