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Air Operated Oil Pump


There are 2 different types of Air Operated Oil Pump, which pressure ratio are of 1:1 and 3:1. The feature is that the oil transmission is in great volume, so it is applicable for greater amount of oil or gear oil transmission in between shorter distance.


Pressure ratio 1:1 suitable for 0# ~ 120# oil.

Pressure ratio 3:1 suitable for 140# ~ 200# gear oil.

Model Capacity Air Input Pressure Pressure Ratio Grease Output Pressure Deliver Rate Hose Length N.W G.W Cuft
GH-95 200L 4~9Kg/cm2 1:1 4~9Kg/cm2 23-30L/min 20ft 9.2Kgs 11.2Kgs 0.8’
GH-96 200L 4~9Kg/cm2 3:1 12~27Kg/cm2 23-30L/min 20ft 9.7Kgs 11.2Kgs 0.8’

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