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Product Features:

  • All-digital 8 beam CCD Wheel Aligner,Zigbee non-obstacle communication, LED electronic level
  • Double front axles adjustment, which solve the second axle tyre abrasion problem
  • Make measurement for multi-vehicle that includes various heavy trucks,semi-trailer, van,bus, trailer and tractor ect.
  • The sensor head structure designed accoring to truck chassis structure, it suits for trucks long wheelbase and large steel rim.
  • Sensor heads could interchage, Caster real-time adjustment.
  • 16 thousand vehicle data, and will upgrade half a year free.

Standard Configuration:

Cabinet(trolly) 1 pc
HP Computer 1 pc
32″ LCD Display 1 unit
Printer 1 pc
Sensor heads 4 pcs
29″ alloy truck clamp 4 pcs
Mechanical truck turntable 2 pcs
Steering lock 1 pc
Pedal lock 1 pc

Optional Accessory

Product Photo Specification, Unit Price ( FOB Dalian)
PDA( wrist-band display) Remote control system of wheel aligner, with the same operation and display functions of wheel alignment, so the users could use it to do complete adjustment for vehicle.
Calibration bench The software program include calibration program,use animation to display the whole calibration procedure, each sep has the clear instruction, easily use.
Adaptor trailer system (Trailer aligning benchmarking stand) It has two ways to locate:
Locate the bracket: use electronic center locator to find the traction pin position, it doesn’t need to separate vehicle head and trailer;
Hang on the trailer center axle: after vehicle head sepearte with trailer, use mechanical clamps to clamp on the traction pin tighty to finish the center location.

Technical Data

Measurement Precision Measurement Field
Front Wheel Toe ± 1′ ± 12°
Camber ± 1′ ± 10°
Caster ± 2′ ± 20°
King Pin ± 2′ ± 20°
Set-back ± 1′ ± 10°
Rear Wheel Toe ± 1′ ± 12°
Camber ± 1′ ± 10°
Set-back ± 1′ ± 10°
Thrust-angle ± 1′ ± 10°

Other Specification

  • Temperature: -20°C — +70°C
  • RH: not more than 90%
  • Power supply voltage: AC220V±10%
  • Ambient pressure: 50/60HZ 70kpa—106kpa
  • Charge specification: 7.2V/2400mAH Lithium Battery
  • Charge voltage:8.4V
  • Charge current: 600Ma (fast), slow (300mA)
  • Sensor power: 700mW (operation), 180mW (sleep)
  • Complete power consumption: 300W

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